daraknor (daraknor) wrote in newatlantis,


"Those of who are normal, average, regular people, you are blessed. Blessed not for your average ability, but rather the fact that this world is created for you, caters to you, and meets your expectations. The minor disturbances in your life are all normal, expected reactions. The concept that these experiences may be a roller coaster following guided rails does not disturb you.

"Mingled among you, passing close but very far away, are people who understand complexity and appreciate subtlety. This world of simplistic ideals is an anathema to us. The blatant system of control appalls us, but we cannot overcome it. We resist, quietly, or try to convince the rest of you that something IS wrong, that there is more depth to reality than what you see on TV. In trying to uncover this second reality, some of us obsess over inconsistencies, things that are out of place. You do not listen, because these are minor flaws with, I'm certain, an obvious explanation.

"We exceptional people, the people who don't fit in this society and are exempted from being truly a part of it, are going to leave you. We will do so quietly, picking up some things, selling others, and leave this place behind. We leave you to your tax returns and evening news, your shallow movies, shallow conversations. We leave these to you because they are made for you, but not by you. You are in a cage you cannot see, and we are not going to wait for you to realize that cage any longer. We have waited beside you and tried to guide you, but now we leave, and make a place of our own.

"Borders do not matter, political alliances do not matter, corporate affiliates do not matter. Events do not matter. What matters are consequences and the way that we live, our motivation and reasons for existence that some of you find by praying or distracted from by avarice, we find by living. We cannot live as you do. Your invisible cage is a burning symbol of repression to us, we cannot thrive in a place that restrains us so. We seek what is beyond this horizon, and we shall make our world anew, without your controls, hidden allegiances, grievances and annoyances."
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