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I researched forming a micronation a few months ago. There is no reason to not say "we're a nation now, here is your citizenship." On the other hand, it isn't useful for anything besides a membership roster. If we ship people papers and a newsletter at the same time, then it is a revenue stream.

I don't see the point in a newsletter when we have the internet. A membership list is nice, but citizenship papers are a little less than I would like.

What I see as plausible and valuable is to form a group that is active and lives/works together Prescreen people and have them join us in person. Costa Rica looks like a good place to start, but I would like to have locations in the US and New Zealand as well. The advantage of Costa Rica is that we can buy 550 acres of forested land with 2 small streams for under $100k USD.

Living and working in one of the facilities would probably be a prerequisite to the next stage, of forming a nation somewhere. We will need a lot of the sustainable technologies tested and developed from the project locations. New stuff that hasn't been built yet, mixed with gathering data on the performance of certain configurations and optimizing performance.

2-5 communities of 10-100 people each then start a nation, I think that has more validity than announcing something on Live Journal and saying "please send an email to become a citizen."

Another key factor is how I plan to handle Visas, as a nation. If we give everyone equal citizenship, then we aren't encouraging specific values and behaviors. Democratic Anarchy, that declines into socialism and bankruptcy. If we follow "Starship Troopers" as a loose guide, there would need to be some sort of qualification process to becoming a citizen. Everyone could become residents, only people who do *something* would become citizens.

Any ideas on what that *something* should be? This is something I will not decide on my own.
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