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Forming Freedom

Form Mature Civilization enhanced by Tech
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New Atlantis is a project to create a mature society, with practical applications of technology to work together better.

The idea for New Atlantis has been discussed and researched for the past 4 years among a group of close knit friends. Approaching like minded people for the past 2 years beyond this small group has gathered a small group of people committed to changing the world.

The most significant goal cannot be measured quantitatively, only subjectively. While searching the world, we found that there is no place, nation or state where true freedom exists. Expatriate communities have been studied and questioned, conducted interviews with citizens of many nations, watch groups researched, foreign newspapers studied.

The world we want to live in does not exist. Our goal is successful if other people believe that our nation offers its citizens both freedom and opportunity.

Many people have advocated living in uncivilized parts of the world, becoming hermits in seclusion. This is freedom, but the opportunities are limited to what one can create with their two hands. Any connection to the outside world results in a limitation in freedom.

We are working to create a place fostering development of exceptional people, and their efforts. The traditional Western concepts of business, finance, company valuation, taxation, methods of distribution, stock and many more need to change to create an environment supporting new products and developments.

Banking and Finance

Establish Territory

Voting and Election process
Structure of Government
Independence of States
Creation and Limitations of Law
Forming Agencies
Education System

Defense from Foreign Nations
UN Recognition
Interaction with Intl Agencies (UN, Interpol, etc)

Regulation of Business by Market
Permissible Taxes (Import/transport)

Enforcement/Formation of Contracts
Assessment of Damages

Duties and Rights of a Citizen
Resident Status
Visitor Status